Aerospace and Defense
Drive Recovery from Supply Disruptions and Global Instability

The Future Is Agile and Sustainable


As passenger traffic gradually returns to pre-pandemic levels, increases in new aircraft, and military orders will signal growth in the approaching year. But due to ongoing risks, from inflation to talent shortages to supply chain disruptions, the industry will continue to have its challenges.

The most immediate concerns for the aerospace and defense industry in the foreseeable future are supply chain disruptions and talent shortages. To address these challenges, process improvements including automation, need to be implemented, as manufacturers invest in new aircraft and new engine design. A parallel concern in the industry is how to improve fuel-efficiency, lower-costs, while exploring innovations like zero-emissions aircraft. As demand is increasing, these are critical areas to investigate.

Consequently, aerospace and defense executives acknowledge that they anticipate double digit increases in the sale of new digital services over the next five years. Over 80% fear substantial cost escalations alongside losing significant market share if they fail to overcome organizational challenges for digital reinvention.

As a result, companies that successfully embrace digital and process innovation at the core of their businesses achieve up to four times the improvement in their digital investments. This improvement is higher than other industry players who are successfully scaling more than 50% of their digital proofs-of-concepts.

New technologies, evolving business models, and increasing Mergers & Acquisitions activity will likely further accelerate the shift toward digital and operational efficiencies. Digital thread and smart factory present a host of efficiency- and productivity-enhancing technologies that can accelerate time-to market and reduce cycle times. Moving forward, aerospace and defense firms that focus on innovation will be in a better position for success.

At Microexcel, we deliver digital transformation solutions that can build resilience and unleash growth in aerospace and defense.

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Benefits of our Aerospace and Defense Solutions


Business Capture and Program Delivery

Faster product innovation cyclees and streamlined customer engagements are key to longevity. With integrated, digital ecosystems and automated processes, we help drive ongoing value through business model innovation. We develop effective program management, well-designed services and products, and great customer and employee experiences.

Business Capture and Program Delivery

The aerospace and defense industry builds sophisticated and innovative products that are highly engineered and regulated and under constant quality, cost, and schedule pressure. By using an end-to-end digital thread, you can enable smooth collaboration and change management between design engineering, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and service.

Responsive Supply Network

It’s critical to manage the risk and complexity of dynamic global supply chains and optimize outcomes on a network level through network interoperability. Our solutions provide holistic optimization across multiple constraints. We synchronize with key partners and across planning horizons helping to streamline global logistic executions.

Aftermarket Services

Aftermarket organizations are investing to become best-run, profitable, and innovative customer service and support organizations. Our integrated solutions can help streamline maintenance operations. We do this by creating a unified experience and engagement, supporting omnichannel platforms for services and parts, and managing performance-based lifecycle support scenarios.

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