Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Achieve your Industry 4.0 goals with AI and ML driven insights

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leverage the vast benefits of AI-driven SAP solutions for accelerating your pace towards digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the SAP environment help expand the scope of automated operational processes to take intelligent decisions and emulate user behavior.

They can solve complex business challenges by built-in intuitive logic with greater speed and agility.

Artificial intelligence works with disparate data sources in your technology landscape to provide accurate business decisions and automate processes. AI combined with Machine Learning helps improve efficiency, boost productivity, and generate faster ROIs.

Scope of SAP AI Solutions


Enhanced Analytics

With AI powered features such as predicative analytics, large amount of business data can be used to derive enhanced insights that help in better operational management and easy decision making.

SAP Robotic Process Automation

SAP AI enabled RPA helps you automate routine and complex business tasks, by replicating operational workflows to decrease resource utilization.

SAP AI Business Services

SAP AI Business Services provide intelligent applications and services that automate operational processes and optimize the workflow.

SAP Conversational Chatbots

With SAP AI, you can create conversational chatbots that emulate human behavior with built-in logic that analyzes and interprets data to respond to queries. They are used for customer facing operations in your business, streamlining your operational processes for increased accuracy, and saving resource utilization.

Situational Handling

Situational Handling in SAP S/4 HANA helps identify exceptions while running the operational processes and alerts your designated users.

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel offers SAP AI and ML solutions that are designed to give you the perfect advantage in using your data to enhance existing processes and using Smarter Apps. You can derive valuable insights from predicative data analytics, automate common workflows, and create a better user and customer experience.

If you are looking to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions in the SAP environment, do contact us and see how we can make a difference.

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