Creating a New Value Chain for the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is changing. The market is questioning the purpose of today’s vehicles, plus advances in connected and autonomous technology. The shift from hardware to software-defined vehicles, an emphasis on sustainability, and the ever-changing customer expectations. All these things and more pose challenges to traditional automakers but present exciting new opportunities for the future.

Automotive companies must change how they make products, run their businesses, use technology, and offer services to customers. They must embrace the ecosystem and collaborate beyond industry lines to find new ways of innovating and partnering for success.

Microexcel’s automotive industry solutions help businesses meet custom requirements, from planning to sales and aftermarket services. We support better alignment of the R&D cycle to support the product innovations and implementation of unified platforms for all the operations. Better data insights help in better business decisions that fuel growth and improve productivity.

Benefits of our Automotive Solutions

Accelerate time-to-market by developing innovative products that are fully compliant with regulatory norms.
Better manage the procurement of raw materials with active forecasting for business continuity.
Reduce time for development, manufacturing and distribution by optimized enterprise planning and management.
Explore new sales avenues, with the world’s largest network of suppliers for increasing revenue and enriching the customer experience.
Automate and optimize processes to better manage inventory and sales, by improving operational processes.
Help in planning and implementing the entire lifecycle of product development, with features that align with your business goals.
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