SAP Mobile Platform: Helping Enterprise Build Mobile Strategy from Mobile Moments

Published: July 01, 2021

A “mobile moment,” according to Gartner, is each time someone texts, opens an app or uses their mobile. Each of these mobile moments is an opportunity for a business to engage with their users and build their mobile strategy.

The research giant suggests identifying and working on mobile moments as the starting point to creating mobile apps and implementing an enterprise-wide mobile strategy. Mobile moments highlight touchpoints as opportunities to consider while creating a workflow.

For instance, when building a workflow automation App for your field staff, the touchpoints will cover customer data capturing, inventory access, expense reporting, and data access to the CRM system. An ideal mobility solution considers all these touchpoints and converges data from multiple sources into a single app, enabling easy access for the end-user. Features like multimedia and mobile sensors add further value to your mobility app.

Approaches to Enterprise Mobility Strategy

There are two strategies to build mobility for your business.

The first is identifying processes with multiple touchpoints by different users and converging as needed. The second is to act on the processes with delays or wait time for a user action and start building applications to address them. If your enterprise is already mobile, you can start by optimizing the current processes and refining them for mobile deployment.

Harnessing the power of the SAP mobile platform in your mobile strategy

The SAP App Store boasts more the 1800 SAP and Partner Apps and an active customer base of over 200,000 users. With the SAP Mobile Platform, building and deploying mobile Apps on SAP could not get easier.

The SAP Rapid Application Development platform is perfect for building Mobile Apps for B2B and B2C segments and enhancing the power of the SAP ERP platform with scalable and mobile-ready applications.

With the SAP Mobile platform, you can build an enterprise mobile strategy by designing and managing Apps to provide your business the functionalities it requires.

The cross-platform application development environment empowers you to build an App that can run on any mobile system.

Why use the SAP Mobile platform?

SAP Mobile platform is a service based on the SAP business technology platform(BTP). You can build and deploy new Apps or customize existing Apps quickly and host them on-prem or on the cloud. You also gain access to the 200,000+ existing SAP customers by featuring your App on the SAP App Store.

Here’s what you need to know about the SAP mobile platform to help you build an enterprise mobile strategy that will make your business more accessible and mobile.


Ease of Development: Drag-and-drop HTML5 components, reusable and customizable apps, and REST APIs provide rapid application development and deployment. It integrates with both SAP and non-SAP systems for easy data access.

Platform agnostic Apps: Build Apps across Android and iOS platforms with SAP Business Technology Platform to experience faster implementation of features and functionalities.

Mobile Development Kit: Mobile Development Kit (MDK) is a metadata-driven tool. Customize Native SAP applications and develop new applications using SAP Web integrated development environment(IDE) Full-Stack and the Business Technology Platform.

SAP Business Technology platform SDK for Android and iOS: The SAP BTP software development kit (SDK) has Android and iOS versions. Create native apps in Swift for iOS and use your preferred programming languages for Android.

Mobile Back-end tools: Mobile back-end tools are a part of the SAP Mobile Services. These help to model an open data protocol (OData) service and create a Java EE application deployed to SAP BTP to host OData services.

Mobile Transaction Bridge: This creates mobile applications that use OData services by recording the on-screen data and using the template in IDE to build an App quickly.

Building the Right Enterprise Mobile Strategy with SAP: Many companies are moving their applications to the mobile platform because of the rising focus on providing greater accessibility and information sharing. The right enterprise mobile strategy involves a thorough understanding of your end-users and the data that they need to access on the go. In addition, it involves making Apps and creating value by making data and operations more accessible for your end-users.

Rapid mobile solutions development is no longer a limiting factor in SAP. With the SAP Mobile Platform, develop custom Apps for your diverse business requirements and rapidly deploy them across all your users. It is time for businesses using SAP to look at enterprise mobility for the distinct advantages it has and unleash the full power of the SAP Mobile Platform.

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