Business Process Outsourcing in SAP

Outsourcing processes for optimal efficacy

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The rise in the usage of manifold technology solutions in business operations has led to the corresponding increase in maintenance and support services. Organizations often lack the required skills or the bandwidth to manage technology applications. Outsourcing the business processes by engaging third-party service providers becomes a practical option for such businesses. Specialized resources that have the necessary skills and experience fill the need. The external teams work as extensions of in-house teams and effectively supplement the business requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing in the SAP Environment

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the SAP technology landscape effectively delivers various operational requirements such as transactional operations, data processing, application maintenance, and support. Outsourcing is especially vital in the finance, sales, support, and accounting processes. As a result, BPO in SAP have seen a huge surge in the engagement of third-party service providers. This solution has led to a cost and value-driven advantage for parent organizations.

What Microexcel offers

BPO in SAP BPO seeks to help businesses become more productive and use their in-house resources optimally. Our solution offers services that businesses can use for routine activities, thereby freeing up their internal resources to focus on core business activities. This solution gives an extended pool of resources that work in tandem to provide optimal running of a business

Solution Benefits

  • 25-65% reduction in operating costs arising from resource use
  • Flexible sourcing of required resources
  • Accelerated transition to a hybrid technology pool.
  • Support for your existing processes and applications.
  • Increased focus on your core business and strategy.
  • Reduced staff risk in losing key team members by using an extended team of resources

Key Benefits


Extended Technology pool

Businesses gain from having an extended set of resources that can handle manual, time-consuming operations, reducing the workload of internal resources. BPO engagements are used for application troubleshooting, maintenance, and support services that may be a challenge for in-house service teams.

Cost Advantage

The engagement of third-party service providers saves costs incurred on new hires, or training internal resources, offering organizations a cost advantage. BPO engagements outsourced to third-party service providers across the globe reduce total cost of ownership.

Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Business process outsourcing boosts ROI compared to in-house teams. The reason is that skilled and experienced resources can be deployed to meet operational requirements immediately.
Expert Resource Pool

Defined Quality of Operations

Third-party service providers have definite metrics for quality and service level agreements (SLA), guaranteeing optimal output that perfectly synchronizes with your business requirements
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