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The consumer products industry is experiencing the largest channel expansion and fundamental shift in the relationship between consumers and manufacturers ever. If handled well, this will be a significant opportunity for this industry.

The industry is also tasked with handing consumers’ challenges in terms of : navigating supply chain disruption, employment instability, and inflation-influenced budget constraints. In today’s world, these are just the latest factors in a long series of disruptions.

Because of these disruptions, consumers have reprioritized what matters to them. They want shopping experiences and products that cater to their new needs.

Microexcel consumer package solutions anticipate shifting consumer outlooks through this change. Agility will be critical as brands consider different trajectories that will address consumers changing priorities. Microexcel empowers businesses to provide their offerings, with an ability to transform, and resonate with how the landscape will continue to evolve in the years to come.

Benefits of our Consumer Product Solutions


Consumer data and insights

Consumer product companies need to create personalized and rich customer experiences. These companies need a faster way to turn massive amounts of proprietary and third-party data into insights. With cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence-powered analytics, they can gain a richer understanding of each shopper in the moment and bring valuable insights into product development.

Omnichannel shopping

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to online and omnichannel shopping for customers – and this behavior is here to stay. Consumer product companies need to provide seamless omnichannel experiences directly to consumers by investing in e-commerce, data management, marketing, and omnichannel fulfillment solutions.

Sustainable products

Consumers are not just demanding more sustainable goods. They are demanding full product transparency – into raw materials, worker treatment, packaging, delivery, and more. The ability to provide this type of information demonstrates sustainability efforts to give consumer products companies an edge.

Supply chain resilience

Insufficient supply, rising costs, disruptions, and labor shortages in supply chains show no signs of abating. Yet, demand for consumer goods is on the rise. By modernizing the supply chain with tools, such as, integrated data, and real-time analytics, companies will reduce these challenges and improve visibility into risks.
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