Container Based Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) Sampling Management Tool

Remove redundant data entry by simplifying the setup of AQL-based sampling for products ordered/produced in different units of measure.


Standard S/4HANA requires acceptable quality level (AQL) inspection plans for each unit of measure that a product is produced/procured. This increases data overhead. It is also redundant when AQL is based on the number of containers a product is ordered/produced, instead of the unit of measure.

As an illustration consider an order for a product in 25ml bottles and 1000L Drums. An AQL plan dictates that for every 10 units received, there is 1 unit for sampling. So, if 20 bottles were ordered, 2 bottles would be kept for sampling. Similarly, if 20 Drums were ordered, 2 Drums would be kept for sampling. The standard SAP solution would require two sampling plans for the Bottle and Drum unit of measure (UOM). Both plans would have an AQL definition of 1 Bottle/Drum per 10 Bottle/Drum.


The Microexcel solution uses configuration and custom code to remove redundancy. It has a single AQL plan that is the lowest unit of measure, and it makes the receiving transactions have a number of containers. The result is a single plan for how many containers to sample, no matter what unit of measurement the receiving unit uses.


  • Reduced data maintenance to a single AQL plan per material
  • Ordering/procurement easily introduce and apply different units of measure with no additional AQL plans required.
  • Drops the dependency between supply chain and quality
  • Cuts the need for a new plan each time a new ordering UOM is introduced, reducing the time it takes to set up procurement in an alternative UOM.

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