Data Capture and Document Automation

Intelligent Automated Data Capturing and Document Automation Solutions for Invoice and Order Processing

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As businesses continue to expand, the volume of transactional data processed is increasing exponentially. Processing is often dependent on manual or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) methods. Manual data processing, such as for invoices, consumes time and resource bandwidth, and can be prone to errors. OCR methods are effective to a fair degree but working on legacy software and correctly interpreting the data can often be challenging. Besides, these methods do not entirely deliver the required accuracy, cost, and time advantages with the required agility that businesses require.

The Microexcel Solution

As an SAP Solution Partner, we offer Data Capture and Document Automation in association with our technology partner. The solution suits businesses running on the SAP landscape and delivers guaranteed accuracy and quality of captured data. It integrates with your core operational processes working on S/4HANA and offered as a managed cloud service. The solution can read both PDF and E-Mail invoices and is used by more than 700 businesses across the globe and processes millions of documents per year. It can also read MS Word, Excel, and HTML documents and e-mails and delivers accurate and validated data.

DC DA 01

The Automated Ordering System

Additionally, to Data Capturing, we offer an automated intelligent ordering system that processes orders in real-time. Emulating human intelligence to check orders to guarantee accuracy achieves this.

The process starts with capturing purchase orders from an e-mail attachment. The data matches SKU data, checks for available stock and delivery address. In the final step, the data is submitted to an ERP or Sales order processing system.

This process enables an error-free and automated order processing system and does away with the need for manual intervention. Thus, saving time, resource costs, and guaranteeing accuracy.

DC DA 02

Different types of data that can captured through Document Automation

Vendor_invoice_processing Vendor invoice processing RPA & Management
Sales_order_processing Sales Order processing for customers
Quotes Quotes
Order_Confirmation Order Confirmations
Delivery_notes Delivery Notes
Operational_Workflows Operational Workflows

Key Benefits for the Data Capture Solution

  • Supports Multiple Formats: Data formats for invoice data include PDF, XML, EDI, HTML, and many more, making it suitable for a wide range of document types.
  • Automated Validation: Data captured is automatically validated without the need for manual intervention, with substantial savings in processing time.
  • Supports Large Volumes of Data: The solution can capture and process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy, making it suitable for businesses with heavy transactional data.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Does not require any installation, nor does it have any cost, or impact on the suppliers in individual transactions. It can extract the invoice from your e-mail address and process the data, even for multiple invoices at a time.
  • ERP Integration: Easily integrate different ERP systems such as S/4HANA and other accounting applications.
  • High Data Security: The data extracted and moved to the transactional layer is completely secured, as the solution conforms to global information security standards such as ISO and Cyber Essentials.
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