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High-Tech companies are focused on creating new expectations for customers, capitalizing on market opportunities. They are shifting to modernize their core, as-a-Service models, expanding industry boundaries, reinventing their portfolios, modernizing with enterprise transformation, and building resilient supply chains.

We believe the rules around time to volume are changing. As Moore’s law shows, businesses are forced to compete on quick market penetration. The law causes capacity to profitably scale to go from zero to one million units within short notice.

Boosting the profitability quotient is Software, which like cash, is king. By integrating software into almost every manufactured good, hardware businesses are increasing their profit margins and preventing the commoditization of their products.

But the disruptions in operational efficiencies continue to pose a challenge. These are caused by regulations and geopolitical events which are impacting accounting standards, privacy laws, and mobilizing swift policy changes.

For high-tech businesses to improve their products and services, they must establish a reliable brand. They need to deliver the ultimate customer experience. To do this, they need to focus on four strategic areas:

  • Adopt a consumption-based business model
  • Realize an intelligent Supply network
  • Provide digital smart products
  • Achieve customer centricity

At Microexcel, we know that high-tech companies rely on platforms and subscription-based services for monetizing intellectual property. To compete, they must provide efficient, reliable products and consumer-grade experiences, customers expect.

Key Features of our High-Tech SAP Solutions

Our solutions help in complete product design and innovation, providing compliance and data integrity:

Advanced delivery management helps in better control over product sales and distribution, with an efficient operational model
Better data analytics that connect with disparate systems and helps in making informed business decisions
Enhanced resource management and risk mitigation in the entire solution development lifecycle
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