Empowerment through SAP Learning and Digital Adoption Solutions

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Thought Leadership Series | Successfully Leading a Team Through an Organizational Change Initiative

You received an announcement that there will be an enterprise change initiative. This action will be a drastic change for your team. How will you help navigate the change with your team? What is your role?

Equipping your team for efficient adoption and performance

Industry Trends in Learning

People want greater control over their schedules and their learning — whether they are working in an office, from home, or on a shift basis. They need greater flexibility and line of sight into the decisions that impact their ability to meet family or personal obligations, as well as maintain their desired quality of life. This can take the form of greater flexibility in work scheduling, training, and more.

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Lean Training Enablement is virtual-delivered micro-content (think two to five minutes), blended with facilitator-led training, and coaching. It is the new standard to optimize retention and application. With this approach, lean training enablement teams can more easily scale, while making sure programs are aligned to the highest SAP learning priorities. It also provides training that is leveraged at exactly the right time.

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Employee Engagement is more important than ever. Companies are investing in technology that elevates employee engagement as a retention strategy. When it comes to delivering digitally immersive experiences, technology can and should play a bigger role.

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Today’s workforce is more mobile, social, and global, and the devices and digital tools employees use to get their work done to reflect those changes. Organizations are finding tremendous values in bringing new workstyles and touchpoints together into a cohesive platform.

There’s a huge opportunity in this new remote world for
more self-paced enablement.


At Microexcel, we strive to create more connected, relevant, and meaningful SAP experiences for all people – in which they are empowered to do the work themselves with a Microexcel expert to help.

  • Reduce the implementation project ramp-up time
  • Increase user adoption
  • Provide a means for improved self-enablement implementation

By bringing together experienced industry leaders, we’ve created the world’s most resilient offering that’s there for our customers, when their people need it the most.

Here at Microexcel, we believe no user should be left behind! In order to meet this commitment, we have gathered experienced industry leaders to pave the way for developing advanced solutions offerings that enhance end users experience.


To support this vision, our SAP user training solutions are customized for your specific requirements and ensure effective digital adoption and efficient change management across your organization. This will include a flexible, needs-based, and simplified solution. As with a Change Management plan, your training plan should be determined as early as possible to ensure success.

As an SAP solution partner, Microexcel offers comprehensive SAP training and digital adoption solutions that empowers users with the required knowledge in SAP products and services that are used in their operational processes. Our training solutions are backed by our extensive experience in providing custom solutions using the SAP environment. Employees receive targeted training including classroom, documented, online, and automated solutions that empower your end-users with the right skills to adapt to the new technology platform. We also utilize in-platform training solutions and support such as OnScreen and WalkMe to allow employees to learn at their own pace and reinforce training during and after go live. End users are continually assessed and retrained as necessary.

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Our SAP digital adoption training programs enable efficient and faster business operations, leading to better end-user and customer experiences. We offer different levels of service all including self-enablement and a client success manager.

Key Benefits of our SAP Learning and Digital Adoption Solutions


Accelerate Productivity

Our SAP learning solutions are designed to accelerate productivity by efficiently training users on applications and workflows in the platform. These solutions equip them with the right usage directions for operational business processes.
Our SAP learning solutions leverage Digital Adoption Platform’s (DAP) technology to accelerate the end user learning experience. Utilizing DAP technology can have immediate impact and increase productivity by efficiently training users on in-house/home-grown, web based and desktop applications.

Increase User Adoption

With our efficient SAP digital adoption learning solutions, organizations experience accelerated launch times as end-users get acquainted with the application. Our training programs are optimized to ensure maximum efficacy by minimizing time and resources.
Our SAP training solutions provide targeted instructional guidance that accelerates end user learning. This results in increased adoption and user productivity. At Microexcel, we have years of experience. Our training programs are optimized to ensure maximum efficacy with minimizing time and resources.

Increase user-enablement

Our SAP Learning solutions are designed to help new and existing employees develop and increase their knowledge 24/7 while gathering the best understanding of the SAP Solution. Rapid on-boarding increases adoption, flexibility and control over their learning experience.
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