Driving effective Deployment through Data Integrity

September 23, 2022

Organizations that are data-driven focus on data integrity. This data core in turn enables businesses to drive better decisions, analytics, behaviors and transform into intelligent enterprises.

“Driving the Essence of Data integrity and its Ability for Effective Deployment”, thought leadership article, explores data integrity’s different dimensions. The article has been written by Jason Comb, Vice President of North
America Delivery at Microexcel.

The write-up is a deep insight into how a data foundation builds an organization through effective data profiling. Explaining the paradigm shifts in profiling activities from the traditional to the more proactive tools and techniques;
the author traces ways to accelerated data extraction. The profiling tool’s framework and scope is explained in depth, considering

  1. Organization and program structure
  2. Data teams backed with optimal business representation
  3. Data stakeholders
  4. Structured approach to data cleansing to make data profiling more effective.

Data integrity, as a core of Microexcel’s SAP migration solutions, drives leading organizations’ functions and processes, for effective deployment, end-to-end.

Explore data integrity in its full depth, by reading the complete article – click here