Microexcel is ready to drive your Business Process Management strategy with SAP Signavio

September 2, 2022

In its rigorous pursuit to help businesses thrive on the cusp of change in today’s market, Microexcel has taken a significant leap forward in enabling business process intelligence, through SAP Signavio. Upskilling its expertise with the SAP Certification Associate course for Signavio SAP, Microexcel further extends its diverse portfolio of services in the areas of Business Process Management and Process Intelligence.

The certification validates Microexcel’s value-added expertise in the following niche areas:

  • Process Modelling, which is a comprehensive solution to design document, model and simulate processes, and understand their interconnection to optimize performance. Creating BPMN2.0 compliant business processes models and identifying relevant information, come under the scope of Signavio Process Modelling
  • SAP Signavio Process Manager to structure content, analyze KPIs and model business processes by leveraging the features and tools of Signavio Process Manager
  • SAP Signavio Process Governance which covers creating workflows for process automation and outlining best practices
  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence that involves data sampling and analysis to identify process inefficiencies
  • SAP Signavio Process Mining that involves Process Intelligence tool for in-depth process analyses and actionable insights for effective process innovation
  • SiGNAL the query language to explore and analyze in-depth the process data
  • Business Process Management (BPM) covering areas of BPM and defining process levels and its architecture
  • SAP Signavio Collaboration hub to enable navigation through process information and collaborate with other business users.

Banking on the extensive scope of Signavio, from its genesis as a BPM collaborative software to its present-day SAP-Signavio Process Transformation Suite, Microexcel brings out the synergy of Signavio and SAP to help businesses ride the ‘change constant’. Organizations riding on this synergy drive end-to-end process transformation that optimize operations, mitigate operational risks, and deliver customer excellence.

As Anthony Murphy, Process Analytics and Optimization lead of Microexcel, accredited with the SAP Certification Associate for Signavio SAP, points out “In the current environment it is difficult for businesses to effectively manage change. The inability to measure the efficiency of their processes or the effect that change has on the customers or internal resources’ journey puts them in a lagging position instead of leading for a competitive advantage. The SAP Signavio Suite of products, if properly utilized, can drive quick insights and aid continuous improvement in real time.”

Leveraging the SAP-Signavio Transformation Suite, a cloud platform that accelerates S/4HANA transformations, and the Signavio Starter Pack included in Rise with SAP offering; SAP-enabled businesses accelerate their transformation into intelligent enterprises. In addition, businesses wanting to modernize their digital core and yet to tap into the cloud potential, can transform their mission-critical systems through SAP-Signavio with minimal risks.

Microexcel, an SAP-certified partner, with a wealth of experience in delivering SAP solutions across industry verticals, has joined the Signavio league to deliver greater impact in process intelligence, business transformation and customer experience.

In the journey towards business transformation, Microexcel has crossed many milestones together with its customers, their success story etched in the growing and expanding customer segment.