Transforming the employee mindset to lead organizational change management

November 16, 2022

The foundation of enterprise-level transformation rests on each employee of the organizational framework, who adopts and drives the change, successfully. Jessica Scanlan, Organizational Change Management Manager at Microexcel Inc. brings
out the essential human component of change in the thought leadership article “Successfully leading a team through an Organizational Change Initiative”. The author also explains in detail, about the successful means to align the employee
mindset towards organizational transition.

The article highlights the critical roles of supervisors and managers, during such transitions, to engage their employees through communication, interactions, and training. To define a strategic approach to navigate the change, the author
outlines a step-by-step process for the senior leadership and the PMO (Project Manager Offices). At the same time, explaining how the process impacts outcomes for individuals, teams, and the organization.

The first step in the process is understanding the tangibles for driving the change; namely “WHY the change?”. Second, the outcome of the change and how it impacts different functions or yields positive outcomes. Third, reiterating the
tangible aspects of change through different media and means – 1:1 meeting, emails etc. Fourth, bringing in the empathy factor. Empathy will employ a more personalized approach with employees- who perceive change in different ways.
For example, fear, excitement, insecurity etc. Last but not the least, providing continuous support through the new processes, systems, and training, while cultivating/nurturing a new mindset surrounding the change.

As the author reaffirms, the underlying factor for adopting change is ingrained in the employee mindset. Nudging the mindset to reorient with the larger organizational goals, which in turn impacts every individual part of the system, is
essential. Bringing about this change/shift in attitudes and perspectives, demands a granular, human approach to Organizational Change Management- which in turn cascades to enterprise-level transformation.

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