Business benefits, employee adoption and readiness

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Analytics has evolved from a business initiative to a business imperative, with clear bottom line business benefits. However, organizations find it challenging to connect data, use it to make decisions, and understanding how it can make improvements to business outcomes.

Determining the right change enablement approach

Not getting the anticipated business value with SAP? It may be because of low adoption rates, even after trying to tackle change enablement internally. Perhaps you feel like there’s a missing piece to the puzzle…

Realizing the full, transformative value of a digital employee experience through SAP requires behavioral change and adaptive skills. You need the right change enablement approach. Based on our experience and best practices, this guide will help you increase adoption of SAP. It will help you realize the business benefits through effective change enablement.

Our guides will not only help you improve the return on investment of your digital workplace investment, but help your people realize their full potential as digital employees.

What is change enablement?

Organizational change enablement is the process of preparing a business and its people for implementing new capabilities. This process is done in a way that enhances performance and delivers business results.

Why do we use ‘change enablement’ instead of ‘change management’? It’s because we don’t only manage the change; we enable organizations and their people to adapt their work behavior and adopt new ways of working.



Diagnose change ambition and change maturity to identify change priorities


Activate a right-sized change program, including targeted communications and training activities, using our digital assistant to automate


Use real-time assessments to design a data-driven change strategy rooted in leading practices to maximize adoption and reduce change risk.


Measure and analyze critical adoption metrics, to drive targeted ongoing change activities to achieve adoption and realize value.

A Change Method customized to fit any change program.

The Microexcel Change Method is flexible. Our Change Team will collaborate with your Business, Project Managers, and Supplier/Vendors to customize the program based on the complexity of the change. It is not just about adopting new tools, but continuously defining more efficient ways of working. It proves the value your people will get out of it, while setting the organization up to support it.

Microexcel’s digital change efforts focus on maximizing business value and impact…

  • An increase in the likelihood of meeting or exceeding change objectives by six-fold
  • Capturing the people-dependent piece of project benefits value and ROI
  • Mitigation of mission-critical risks associated with the people-side of change (e.g., employee frustration, low morale, resistance, future adoption)
  • Accelerated and more complete adoption of the solution and/or new ways of working.
  • Benefit realization insurance

We are not selling tools and templates. We realize business benefits, employee adoption, and readiness.

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