SAP on Cloud

Extend applications to the cloud for enhanced agility, security and performance

Businesses running on the SAP environment need enhanced agility, flexibility, and scalability which cannot be adequately met in an on-premise deployment.

With growing focus on security and compliance, which is undermined in an on-premise landscape, businesses are increasingly looking to deploy the SAP environment on the cloud.

SAP on Cloud

SAP is cloud agnostic, enabling users to use open-source technologies, portable components, easily shift between providers, and to choose from multiple clouds. This makes SAP easy to deploy over any cloud platform-giving a choice between Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and other major platforms.

Advantages of being Cloud Agnostic

easemigration Easy migration between cloud platforms, by just exporting data in some instances
betterperformance Better performance with lesser built-in redundancies
easemigration Easy migration of on-premise applications

Microsoft Azure

Azure delivers on high performance, scalability and agility that would perfectly blend with the SAP environment to create a matchless platform that would integrate with hundreds of Azure services such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Apps and Power BI that would further enhance the business experience.

Advantages of SAP in Azure Cloud
  • SAP on Azure also provides support for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, combining SAP S/4HANA and the capabilities of the Azure cloud for seamless enterprise data management.
  • The Azure platform also supports SAP Cloud Platform as a PaaS (Platform as a service) with its integrated services including Cloud Foundry to manage cloud environments and the feature to co-locate applications using the ERP data.
  • SAP on Azure also support NetWeaver with Virtual Machines with attachable storage for non-production environments and industry leading SLAs for single and multiple VMs.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides SAP-Certified infrastructure for running SAP cloud offerings such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Ariba, and the SAP cloud platform. It offers easy deployment options for enterprise requirements of all sizes, with security, scalability, and being cost-effective.

Advantages of SAP in Google Cloud
  • Private Fiber network that supports a global deployment model, along with a cost and performance optimization.
  • Easy deployment options and automation tools that enable you to deploy at your own pace and necessity, along with easy integration with other Google solutions such as Analytics, AI, ML, and integration capabilities.
  • Flexible architecture that enables easy resizing of machines and scaling infrastructure for your custom requirements-giving a pay-per-use advantage in pricing, along with minimal downtime.


AWS offers the world’s most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud infrastructure for deploying SAP platforms and applications. It well suited for a wide range of cloud deployment such as for lifting and shifting ECC, S/4HANA migration, or application innovation by using the features of AWS.

Key Benefits of SAP on AWS
  • The most comprehensive security standards and compliant infrastructure for running SAP applications and platforms-with AWS being the preferred platform for SAP since 2008.
  • Flexible pricing models, with a definite cost and value driven advantage.
  • Easy Integration with AWS services such as Analytics, IoT, AI, ML and many more.

What Microexcel offers

If you have been progressing in the path towards digital transformation on the SAP platform or are planning to start your journey, Microexcel, an SAP Solution partner offers custom solutions with the RISE with SA If you would like to benefit from hosting your SAP environment on the cloud, Microexcel can give you the perfect solution to move towards your preferred cloud platform.

Do contact us for more information on how this can work for you and get the seamless migration of your SAP platform and solutions to the cloud.

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