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Digital Transformation … maybe the most over defined and yet misunderstood concept in business today. In the current environment of rapidly changing technologies and increasing customer demands, your business can not afford to be a follower.

— Anthony Murphy, Director, North America, Process Optimization, Automation and Analytics at Microexcel

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We all remember the companies that failed to innovate: Blockbuster, Polaroid, and Toys-R-Us to name a few. One-time leaders in their industries ended up filing bankruptcy as their competitors changed business models and transformed for success. What is the dividing line between the leaders and the followers, and what is the “line-of-sight” to success? The bad news is, there is no defined set of rules, steps to follow, or standard changes that guarantee success. However, there are key components that when combined with a strategic operating model, will certainly fuel the potential for rising above the competition.

These key components of Digital Transformation, that come together to meet the demands of a changing workplace, changing business models, and customer expectations are only a part of the building blocks for success. Not wanting to add one more transformation definition to the plethora available, I like the McKinsey & Company inclusive definition that states: “The power of digital technology applied to every aspect of the organization.” Every aspect of the organization, meaning what? People, Processes, Technology, Strategy, Vision… your “Core”.

RISE with SAP is making this digital transformation journey much easier by combining your company’s vision with the most advanced SAP S/4HANA platform, which includes the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite, the Business Network Starter Pack, Business Process Intelligence, and additional Embedded Tools and Services. This allows you to build a digitally connected organization that can adapt to technology and global changes with intelligent automation, real-time business, and process in-sights, and oversee the everchanging industry and governmental compliance requirements. As a leader in mid-market SAP S/4HANA migrations and capabilities, at Microexcel, we focus our efforts within the FIVE PILLARS: Strategy & Assessment; Change Management & Enablement; Migration & Implementation; Process Optimization, Automation & Analytics; and Intelligent Services & ExcelCare.

Digital Transformation

Focusing on our Process Optimization, Automation and Analytics pillar, we recognize the foundation as business processes. Every organizational function can be visualized in an end-to-end process flow identifying data inputs, executed tasks, Key Productivity Indicators (KPIs), Resources and Data / Reporting output as a starting point. Managing this flow of information and deriving actionable insights will provide opportunities for automation, process conformation, elimination of inefficiencies and continuous monitoring. Combining the segments of Development and Operations (DevOps) in a continuous cycle will result in immediate collaboration and the insights for reacting quickly to changing business needs … a key attribute of leading organizations.

Process Optimization and Automation

The SAP S/4HANA Platform provides advanced tools for modeling new processes as well as discovering the true As-Is flow of your functional processes. With the addition of the Signavio Transformation Suite, SAP has accelerated the ability to launch data and process discovery, driving fact-based analytics in real time with industry-specific solutions. With the advancement in processing, storage, and the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things), the collection and warehousing of structured and unstructured data has proliferated. Data architects can manage and support massive X-bytes of data but is it all relevant data? Not all data is effective to use. Added to this, are the requirements for making sure that data does not stale or take up residence in multiple locations or platforms. Data and Process Mining guide you in detecting active process variants, automation (AI, ML or RPA) opportunities and maintain control for process audit and governance.

As you discover mundane or repetitive tasks through Discovery, you can build on your automation strategy. Finding the most efficient process flow constructs a base for automated training guides to meet today’s workplace needs. These guides allow for structured and consistent knowledge transfer for new hires or support for transactional inquiries. Every organization can reduce the risk of a non-compliance or SOX control assessment issue due to inaccurate process adherence.

Digital Transformation? It is not a thought for the future, it is an action point for today. The words of Thomas Siebel “Survive and Thrive” summarizes it just right. RISE with SAP accelerates the move from yesterday’s strategy and legacy systems to a new digitally intelligent enterprise with Process Optimization, Automation, Industry Specific Data and Analytics. It is time to embrace that visionary experience!

Tony Barbera

Anthony Murphy is Microexcel’s Process Optimization, Automation and Analytics Lead. An experienced Process Analyst and Digital Transformation guide, he brings years of “hands-on” operational experience in Finance, Supply Chain, Process Integration, Merger & Acquisitions, and CXO Consulting.

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