Wholesale and Distribution

Driving transformation in the wholesale and distribution industry

The accelerated demand for wholesale products and a need for improved customer experience and optimized operational processes has led to a need for a comprehensive technology solution that would bring a transformative change in Wholesale distribution.

This would balance the disruptions and enhance business continuity in the current times, as wholesalers struggle to balance emerging customer demands and product offerings.

Benefits of SAP Wholesale and Distribution


Increased Revenue

Use insightful analytics on dynamic consumer behavior to move towards an agile operational practice and increase revenue

Fewer Stockouts

Our solutions help you track procurement processes to ensure that your products are always in stock, with integrated demand forecasting to equip you for future sales

Lower Inventory Costs

Harmonized enterprise data helps you lower inventory costs with real-time access to procurement of raw materials across various channels for agile replenishment

Optimizes Supply Chain

The solution offers better management of your warehouses, inventory, transportation, and logistics to create an intelligent and automated supply chain process

Increased Agility

Drive business agility with responsive solutions that help you increase revenue, reduce wastage, and collaborate with the most significant business network to drive your business with transformative outcomes

What Microexcel offers

If you are looking for agile business solutions for the Wholesale and Distribution vertical, Microexcel offers the perfect custom solution for improved process management and driving efficiency in your business.

Do contact us for more information on how our transformative solutions can add value to your business.

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